Trees of Mystery

Klamath, CA
July 2014
It's funny how we hiked many trails through the redwoods and most of the time we were the only ones hiking. We found the  trails crowded at the Trees of Mystery, a roadside attraction in Klamath, CA. The main reason for stopping was to ride a gondola through and above soaring redwoods. The gondola started about half way up a mountainside. The park was very accessible, they offered rides in a golf cart type vehicle for the disabled to the start of the gondola. We opted to hike the wide, steep trial to the gondola. The gondola ride was also accessible. Kellisa's Hippocampe barely fit even after I took off the push bar. A regular wheelchair would fit easily. Once on the summit, boardwalks led to some amazing views. Trees of Mystery was a bit crowded, but well worth the stop and highly recommended for anyone who uses a wheelchair.


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