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Freedom Push Chair

Freedom Push Chair
by: Advanced Mobility

Kellisa's new chair arrived about a week ago. Since we've been very busy, I wasn't able to assemble the chair until this afternoon. Kellisa watched with great excitement as I opened the box and got the chair ready for our first walk in our living room. The chair was easy to assemble and we were ready to go in a matter of a few minutes. You may notice that this chair looks like our modified "off-road" chair (Independence) we've been using for a couple of years. That's because the Freedom is made by the same company, Advanced Mobility. Kellisa had outgrown her Independence chair and the Freedom is the next size up.

We didn't have time to test the chair on a trail, but we did have time to walk 3.34 miles around our neighborhood. You can see Kellisa is excited in the picture above and she is actually signing "yes" because I asked her if she liked her new chair.

We are looking forward to many miles and countless adventures with our new Freedom Push Chair! We pushed the Independence chair to the limits and it survived without a single issue. I can already tell that the Freedom is built just as sturdy, perhaps even better, so I have zero doubts that this chair will be up for some serious trails.

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