Monday, September 19, 2016

All Are Welcome, Except the Disabled

It's nearly impossible to find a disabled/family restroom available to use when out with Kellisa. I'm guessing we find the door locked at least 90% of the time. It is usually an able bodied person who is using the bathroom as a personal throne. Sometimes it's someone using it as the smoking lounge. Rarely is it a family with small children and almost never is it another disabled person.

To give space to "all genders", they are using the disabled bathroom which really means they are taking it away from the disabled because I'm going out on a vary short and sturdy limb by guessing this will make it absolutely impossible to ever find a bathroom available for Kellisa. I see this as theft from the disabled. At best, a public location might have one bathroom set aside. Besides privacy and sanitary reasons, we need the extra room to safely use the facilities with Kellisa. 

Since I frequently travel alone with both girls, what is my alternative? Wheel Kellisa in the men's room? If yes, what do I do with 7-year-old Laurel? Do I bring her with us? Does she curiously look around? Do I leave her outside the men's bathroom and hope for the best?  

Our picture is from the San Diego Airport and I'm afraid that it will become the new normal. The disabled have so few resources and it is disturbing to think this may start a new trend. In my opinion, we only have one option and our odds of finding a bathroom for Kellisa will go from maybe 10% to far less than 1% if "All Are Welcome, Except the Disabled" becomes public policy.

The disabled need a powerful voice and lobby!

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