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Airports Visited - 2018 Update

Evie 1st Flight: SAC - MDW All Time List of Airports Visited: Chris- 114   Kellisa- 55   Lisa- 45   Laurel- 39   Evie- 5 At the end of last year, we created a post with the number of airports we've visited. 2018 was a slow travel year for us with three trips back to Chicago as our main destination. Kellisa and Chris went on a few hiking trips which added new airports and we flew to Southern California to pick up the newest member of our family, Evie. Since Evie went on all our flights back to Chicago, she was the big winner with 5 new airports visited. Evie: Sacramento, Oakland, Denver, Chicago- Midway, and Indianapolis. Kellisa's new airports: Spokane, Kansas City, and Little Rock. Laurel: Ontario and Indianapolis. Lisa: Ontario. Chris: Spokane. Back to Kellisa's Path Blog

Rugged Access for All - Update #2 (November 2018)

Volo Bog, Illinois  Back in November, Kellisa and I added 4 more states to our current goal of finding some of the best pushiking trails in the United States. Our plans to visit a few states in the middle of the country changed at the very last minute when I found out that I was needed in West Virginia (for my job) on the Monday before Thanksgiving. I had planned to take the entire week off, but we rearranged everything so I could take care of my work responsibilities. The family joined me on this trip and graciously waited in the hotel while I worked. All was not lost, we completed this weird loop where we pushiked in Indiana, West Virginia, Ohio, and Illinois. We also got to visit family in Ohio and spend Thanksgiving day with grandma in Chicago. All in all, November worked out extremely well. S tats: November - RAfA Totals States: 4 - 7 Miles Pushiked: 11.3 - 23.1 Elevation Gained: 679 - 1,513 feet Flights: 2 - 6 Miles Flown: 3,866 - 8,136 Miles Driven: 1,539

Volo Bog State Natural Area

Illinois November 2018

Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve

Ohio November 2018

Beech Fork State Park

West Virginia November 2018

Eagle Creek Park

Indiana November 2018