Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tropical Storm Beryl (2012)

Tropical Storm Beryl
Jacksonville, FL
May 27 and 28, 2012

Tracking as of 2pm on Sunday, May 27, 2012:

Satellite image of Beryl as it makes landfall:

1,345,596 people in metro Jacksonville and only four were at the south beach (accessible boardwalk) of Guana State Park as Tropical Storm Beryl (70mph sustained winds- just 5mph under hurricane strength) made landfall:

Egypt was a little hesitant, but this was her first tropical storm:

We tried to arrive just as the outer bands came ashore, butwe were a few minutes early. Kellisa was not as interested as she has been in the past (Flashback: Fay 2008):

However, after 15 minutes, the wind, rain and waves really started to meet our expectations. Egypt was done and went to the car with Lisa. As the weather deteriorated, Kellisa's enjoyment increased:

Looking south:

Three short clips of Kellisa enjoying the storm:

We lost one tree during the storm:

We were lucky, it fell within 10 feet of the house and Lisa's van:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument
New Mexico

March 2012

The Organ Mountains rise between Las Cruces and White Sands National Monument:

Our last training hike (7 miles) before the 2012 Bataan Memorial Death March:

Sierra Blanca rises to 11,981ft. above the sand dunes. After talking to a family from Albuquerque, we learned that Ski Apache on the slopes of Sierra Blanca Peak offers skiing for the disabled. Look for pictures of Kellisa snow skiing next year... 

Kellisa is all smiles after our hike as we drive back to the hotel:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Franklin Mountains State Park

Franklin Mountains State Park

March 2012

We spent a day pushiking in the Franklin Mountains. The sandy, desert terrain was a perfect location to train for our Bataan Memorial Death March attempt 5 days later. We also used the time to be interviewed, photographed and videoed by the El Paso Times. The article and pictures were a front page feature on Friday, March  23, 2012.

Kellisa didn't mind that the nature trail was too narrow because it meant for a bumpier ride over the large rocks lining the edge of the trail:

The view into New Mexico beyond the Franklin Mountains:

Aztec Caves (in the shadows, center-left):

Hiking to Sneed's Cory:

Looking over the desert into New Mexico:

While scouting the trails, we made a new friend- Had Robinson of El Paso Paragliding. With his vast knowledge of the area, he was able to recommend some trails for us to try. According to Had, the Franklin Mountains are a  premiere location for paragliding. I couldn't help but to inquire about the possibility of Kellisa paragliding. Since Kellisa has a passion for wild adventures and thrill rides, I know she would absolutely love paragliding. The sport is almost ready for a disabled child to ride tandem up to 10,000ft. above the desert and mountains. This gives me some time to figure out how to ask Lisa if I can take Kellisa paragliding. 

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