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Kellisa and the Rock Wall

Abilities Expo Atlanta, GA February 9, 2013 I'm tempted to let the pictures below do all the talking: Kellisa loved every second of her rock wall experience Kellisa saw the rock wall from a distance and started saying, "me, me, me". Hard to believe, but this was a first for Kellisa and I have to admit that having her climb a rock wall wasn't even on my radar. Now that I know climbing can be adapted and seeing how much Kellisa enjoyed the adventure, my mind is racing with all the new possibilities.   I couldn't have been more proud of Kellisa.    I apologize for the poor camera phone quality pictures. Lesson learned- you never know when an adventure will present itself!   A huge thanks to   Catalyst Sports   and the Abilities Expo- Atlanta for making this possible.

A Warrior

We are often asked about Kellisa's name, so I thought I'd share the background. We only had one boy name and one girl name picked when we found out Lisa was pregnant with twins. We really liked Kelly for a second girl name and thought it went well with Kirsten. Lisa had a concern that Kelly wasn't a formal name that could be shortened.  I don't remember where or when we purchased the following book: Taking Lisa's concerns seriously and thinking our daughter might be president someday, I opened the book to see if there were any long forms of Kelly. As soon as I saw Kellisa, I knew it was the name. The perfect combination of Kelly and Lisa. At the time, we never intended to call Kelly Kellisa.  "A Warrior". Is there a more fitting meaning of a name that could have been given to Kellisa?  Most people when they see the name written combine Kel and Lisa as they pronounce the name. That may be the proper way to say the name, but whe