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The Narrows

The Narrows Zion National Park Utah May 2013 This was Kellisa's second visit to Zion National Park Our goal for this trip was to hike/raft part of the Narrows trail. The National Park Service makes it clear that flotation devices and rafts are not allowed in the Narrows. I wrote to the chief ranger and explained our situation and provided a link to this blog. The ranger responded that her first thought was to answer no, but after looking at our experience, she decided that if anyone could do the Narrows with a disabled person, it was us. The ranger had one condition, we needed another hiker for safety reasons. This wasn't a problem because we had already recruited Primo Matt to be our partner. We used the Freedom Push Chair for the mile long paved trail to the start of the Narrows: Getting the 1 person raft ready: Kellisa loved the raft: Safety first: The entire hike in the water was like hiking on wet, slick bowli

Historic Railroad Tunnels Trail

Lake Mead National Recreation Area Nevada May 2013 Kellisa and I flew out to Las Vegas for Memorial Day weekend with Primo Matt. Our first hike was the Historic Railroad Tunnels Trail at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The sun was blazing and the temperature was soaring, but we didn't let that stop us from hiking 8.80 miles. After hiking through the five tunnels, we walked across Hoover Dam. Hurrikains Collection: Matt Buckingham Collection: