Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crowders Mountain State Park

Fern and Lake Trails
North Carolina
December 2014
We rarely allow the weather to stop a hike, so we didn't mind the cold and eventual light rain when we visited Crowders Mountain State Park. I usually scout out the trails online as much as possible before our arrival at a trailhead. When possible, I will talk to rangers and other hikers about trail conditions. This hike was no different as we stopped at the visitor center with a few questions. I asked if the trails were wide enough for Kellisa's Hippocampe.  The ranger told us that we couldn't hike the Fern and Lake Trails because they weren't accessible. I asked him to explain the conditions and he said it was filled with mud, roots and stairs. I followed with my original question about the width and all he said was, "Probably" to which I replied, "Thank you" and off we went to  successfully hike the Fern and Lake Trails.

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