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A is for Abigail

An Almanac of Amazing American Women
Lynne Cheney
Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser
A is for Abigail is another important book written by former Second Lady of the United States, Lynne Cheney. Even though Mrs. Cheney wrote the book to share the story of American women with children, I was able to learn a lot as I read the stories to Kellisa and Laurel. The book is full of brilliant illustrations by Robin Preiss Glasser.
Mrs. Cheney does a great job featuring women of all backgrounds as they achieve wide ranging accomplishments. Women who fought for equal rights are included. Also, women who excelled in education, philanthropy, sports, science, math, exploration, and many other fields are featured. As a father of two daughters, this is the history lesson I want to share with them as it lays the foundation for future learning and goal setting. I want Laurel to know that she can do anything and this book proves it far better than any words I could come up with on my own.
Even though we only live about an hour north of Bethune-Cookman College, I had no idea that it was founded by Mary McLeod Bethune, a daughter of former slaves. I love reading about mountaineering and since Kellisa was born, I've found myself reading everything I can find about women mountaineers. Mrs. Cheney shares the story of Annie Smith Peck who in 1911 was the first person to summit Mount Coropuna. Annie planted a "Votes for Women" flag on the peak. Mrs. Cheney sets the example herself and through her it's up to the parents to help their daughters follow in so many footprints.

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