Friday, June 12, 2015

Kellisa's Sweet 16

May 23, 2015

Driving, planes, trains, hiking, swimming, and boats for a sweet 16 birthday celebration. Not bad for a girl who wasn't suppose to live more than a few minutes.

May 23 (and 24/25), 2015

Kellisa has very few interests which makes it nearly impossible to buy her gifts. She loves her music, a few TV shows and books. Kellisa is more about adventures and experiences. That's why we planned as many of her favorite activities as possible for her 16th birthday.

May 22:

Kellisa went to sleep at 5pm to be well rested for her birthday:
May 23rd started early with Kellisa's first time driving a car:

Kellisa was excited to be at the airport:

So was Laurel:

Boarding our first flight of the day:

On our way to Baltimore:

In Baltimore, checking our next flight:

While Laurel gets some exercise:

Sister love:

On our 2nd flight to...

Portland, ME:

Our first stop in Maine was a ride on a historic narrow gauge railroad:

Next stop was a hike around an island:

Our next stop was a ferry to an island to have Kellisa's birthday dinner, but we missed our ferry by literally 30 seconds because the parking garage was full and we had to park a couple of blocks away.
We ended up at a Chili's for presents, dinner and cake w/ice cream:

We started the next day with some pictures of Kellisa in her birthday dress and high heels:

Then we went for a swim:

Then we caught a ferry to Peaks Island for "a day after Kellisa's birthday" dinner:

We had a beautiful dinner overlooking the water:

Followed by a cookie ice cream sandwich for dessert:

The ferry ride back to the mainland:

Kellisa enjoying the drive back to our hotel:

Laurel wanted her chance to "drive":

Both girls passed out after two amazing days in Portland, ME:

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