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Murphy's Gate to Robie Point

Auburn State Recreation Area

October 2016

Kellisa and I found this awesome trailhead only 15 minutes from our house. We had the Hippocampe in the car, so we pulled over to explore a little. The trail looked wide and flat (flat doesn't have to mean level, it just has to be free of major barriers that prevent our forward movement) as it descended into a little side canyon of the American River. The picture above shows the start of the trail and how it's blocked by a locked gate and large boulders. I had to lift the chair over the boulders and then carry Kellisa to her chair. This effort would have been unnecessary if they would make the trail opening just a little wider, but I guess they want to keep ATVs off the trail along with all other wheeled devices. This minimal effort would be more than rewarded as we pushiked 1.8 miles from Murphy's Gate to Robie Point and back. If we had more time, we could have continued farther. According to the website, the Auburn State Recreation Area has over 100 miles of trails and we look forward to returning many times to explore.

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