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North Grove Trail

Calaveras Big Trees State Park

July 2018

Our second hike in Calaveras Big Trees State Park was the North Grove Trail. It was little longer Beaver Creek Trail and far more scenic. The trail is rated as accessible and except for one short narrow section with a few rocks that could be easily negotiated by most people in a wheelchair or jog stroller, this trail was perfect for pushing Kellisa. 

Sometimes we want a challenging trail, especially Kellisa since it usually means more struggle for me and more bumps, but it's also nice to be able to push Kellisa on a longer trail without too much worry. And it's a huge bonus when the trail is highly scenic and the North Grove Trail did not disappoint as it weaved through many "big trees". 

The trailhead shares a parking lot with the visitor center and we were afraid the trail would be packed because of how crowded the visitor center appeared. As a nice little perk, we found two disabled parking spots close to the trailhead and both were open. To our surprise, the trail was mostly deserted as we saw probably less than 10 people the entire time. I'm sure we will be returning to this pleasant forest less than 100 miles from our house on a future summer day when we want to leave the valley heat for a few hours.

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