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Summit Lake

Lassen Volcanic National Park

July 2018

We were hoping to get the chance to go for a swim in a natural body of water during our visit to Lassen National Park. As we were sightseeing through the park, we passed by Summit Lake at 7,000 feet above sea level. It was a small lake, so we were hoping the water wouldn't be ice cold.

Jenny was the first one in and Laurel was right behind her. I felt the water and it was freezing which killed my interest in going in the lake. Usually I'm up for an ice cold dip, but wasn't feeling it for some reason. I pushed Kellisa to the edge of the lake and she splashed around with her hand.

I was hoping the water would be too cold for her, but I was wrong again. She desperately wanted to join her best friend and sister IN the water. I wasn't thrilled because I would have to change her into her swimwear and carry her in the water. How could I say no to Kellisa's smile and bossy finger pointing to the water? I couldn't and after a few minutes of getting ready, we were both in the water. 

I'm so glad Kellisa wanted to join in the water activities because I ended up enjoying myself in the high mountain lake on a warm July afternoon. It was rewarding to watch the girls having so much fun. Lisa would join us up to her knees in the water and after we were done playing, dried off, and changed, we enjoyed a nice picnic dinner that Lisa prepared before leaving our house. Dinner chat quickly turned to how much everyone was enjoy Lassen and we tentatively made plans to return sometime during the summer of 2019 for an extended stay of camping, hiking, and swimming in Summit  Lake.


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