Friday, December 31, 2021

Airports Visited - 2021 Update

Kellisa - October 2018
 All-time list of airports visited: 

Chris- 124
Kellisa- 60
Lisa- 45
Laurel- 41
Evie- 5

This is usually one of my favorite posts because I get to reflect on the new places we visited during the year. Kellisa, Egypt, and Lisa didn't fly to or through any new airports in 2021. The girls didn't fly at all due to COVID. In fact, this was the first full calendar year for either girl without a single flight. 

Lisa had one trip and it was back to Chicago.

I had another busy travel year for work,  including 5 trips to Alaska, but I only added 2 new airports- Bozeman, MT and Fairbanks, AK.

I'm hoping we can all add at least 1 new airport in 2022!

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