Thursday, December 30, 2021

Kiefer Cushion Float Collar

 Kellisa is not a paid sponsor or brand ambassador and we don't have any financial stake when we highly recommend the Kiefer Cushion Float Collar. In fact, we wish we purchased one many years ago. We've been using a large, blue float which we also love for at least 10 years, but it's bulky, hard to pack for travel, takes a long time to dry, and needs some of its filling replaced every few years. 

The cushion float collar doesn't look comfortable and that's the main reason why we never purchased one. After forgetting our blue float on a recent trip, we decided to finally pull the trigger and buy a cushion float collar because it could be delivered to our hotel in just 2 days. Kellisa never complained about comfort and enjoyed her new found independence in the water. Like any other device, we need to keep a close eye on Kellisa to make sure she doesn't go under the water, but I was confident enough in the float to let her venture out on her own beyond my reach.

Because of its size, and relatively quick drying, this seems like our answer for future trips, even if we're flying.  


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