Sunday, April 23, 2023

The Birmingham Zoo

 The Birmingham Zoo

December 2012

Egypt enjoying the "mingos"

Egypt's eyes had tears from the cold wind while riding the train. At one point, Egypt looked at me and explained the tears as: "daddy, my face isn't working right".

Egypt taking a picture of a baby orangutan:

Egypt made three new friends while riding the train. They were visiting the zoo on a high school field trip. I let Egypt walk with them to see the monkeys and elephants. While in the monkey house, the girl's teacher caught up with them and they introduced Egypt as their new friend from the train. The teacher got very concerned thinking the girls had let Egypt wander away from her parents. I was standing about 10 feet away at the time. The girls quickly pointed to me and explained that I was Egypt's father. The teacher sighed with great relief.

Egypt posing by a bug for Kellisa (Egypt thought Kellisa would want to put this picture in her room):

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