Monday, August 14, 2023

A Day in Grand Canyon National Park


July 2022

The Grand Canyon was our last stop on our epic two week father-daughter vacation during the summer of 2022. Besides being a long couple of weeks, the drive from the Four Corners to the Grand Canyon was slow due to rain and washed out roads. On top of everything else, it was again very hot when we entered the park in the middle of the afternoon. Our first stop was confusing because the area was under construction and we ended up walking quite a bit more than necessary as we found our way. Add all that up together and it was difficult for Egypt to truly enjoy the majesty laid before her eyes. 

Egypt was a good sport as she walked around a few of the viewpoints scattered along the south rim before she requested a nice dinner together on our last night out before a marathon drive home the following day. I found a steakhouse and Egypt was disappointed that they were all out of their rattlesnake appetizers, but she did enjoy a cowboy sized steak with abundant sides. 

I imagine Egypt will return to the Grand Canyon to explore the parks depths in more detail.

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