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Clingmans Dome

Kellisa's 7th State Highpoint

Clingmans Dome, Tennessee

August 2007

Clingmans Dome is in the middle of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The trail is wide, paved and steep. There is an observation tower on the actual summit. The trail gains 332ft. in only a half a mile and the top of the tower adds an additional 54ft. to your ascent. Both the highpoint and the observation tower can be reached with a wheelchair or stroller. However, assistance and great care is advised because the trail is steep and an out of control wheelchair could be deadly. To be safe, I always tether Kellisa to my body. That way, even if I slip or let go of the chair (it only takes a second), it would only roll a couple of feet before coming to a stop.

 Trailhead views

Observation tower at the summit

 Highpoint picture

Mount Mitchell, NC from Clingmans Dome

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