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Mount Washington

Kellisa's 9th State Highpoint

Mount Washington, NH

June 2009

Highpointers have three options for gaining the summit of New Hampshire: hike, drive or ride the Cog Railway. Since Kellisa loves trains, we decided to ride the railway up Mount Washington.

Kellisa with Mount Washington in the background:

We just missed the purple train:

Kellisa waiting to board the blue train:

The beginning of the train ride:

Alpine views in the Northeast:

The steepest section of track:

Enjoying the ride:

As far as you can go with a wheelchair:

Not satisfied with close, I carried Kellisa up the rocky trail to the true highpoint:

Short video from the summit:

Mount Washington is known for its weather:

Weather during our visit:

Mount Washington is also known for its fatalities:

A list of known deaths:

Enjoying the ride back down:

After a long day, Kellisa is asleep in our Northwoods cabin:

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