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Congaree National Park

Congaree National Park
South Carolina

May 2013

This was Kellisa's second visit to Congaree National Park, with the first visit back in July 2006. We first visited this park because it featured a boardwalk trail that's over 2 miles in length. 2006 was before we were pushiking challenging trails and this was the longest boardwalk I could find in the southeast. Despite being an easy walk or push, this amazing boardwalk leads through the largest old-growth bottomland hardwood forest as you are surrounded by diverse plant and animal life. 

We drove several hours in thunderstorm conditions on our way towards Congaree. I was tempted to keep driving home and save this hike for another time. However, we wouldn't let a lot of rain stop us. We entered the park while it was still raining and decided to leave the customary Kellisa in front of the National Park sign photo for after our hike, hoping the rain would stop and it did. Actually, the rain stopped while we were driving between the sign and the visitor center. The rain started again less than three minutes after I snapped the sign photograph after our walk.  

With all the rain and standing water, Kellisa and I loaded up on DEET.

Since we walked the boardwalk back in 2006, we wanted to pushike along some of the trails deeper into the interior of the park. However, since the trails resembled a swamp, it was an easy decision to walk the boardwalk. The lush greenery was breath taking.

The birds were singing high praises during our entire walk and Kellisa was excited to hear their music as she points in the direction of a woodpecker.

Kellisa wheeling herself:

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