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Towosahgy State Historic Site


January 2014

It was cold (26F) and windy as we arrived after Towosahgy State Historic Site closed for the day. The gate to the park was still open and the park was unstaffed. The sun was setting fast and I was worried about getting stranded overnight because the gas light was already on in the rental SUV and we were in the middle of absolutely nowhere. But we had a state hike to accomplish, so I left the car outside of the gates in case a ranger came to close the park and we quickly started our hike around an ancient site of Mississipian people. Although short and a little scary, this was a very enjoyable hike. We were alone for our entire visit and I had just over 30 miles to worry about the gas situation when we came upon a gas station out of the 1950s. The lady was smoking and explained that they didn't take credit cards. I barely had enough cash to buy two gallons of gas, but it was enough to get us back to modern civilization.

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