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Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

Mill Creek Campground
July 2014
All the campsites in the Redwoods State Parks were booked in advance and I thought our only choices would be a hotel or commercial campground. We got very lucky when I checked at the Mill Creek Campground at Del Norte Coast Redwoods for cancelations and they had a disabled site for two nights. We didn't spend much time at the campsite, but Laurel enjoyed exploring the area when we were there. We did attend a ranger program that discussed Bigfoot sightings in the area, including the famous film from the 60's which was shot only a couple of miles from the campground. Laurel now has a huge interest in what she calls, "Bearfoot." We also learned about tsunamis that have hit the area, including major damage after the 2011 earthquake in Japan.

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