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Close to Heaven

Summer 2015:

Laurel, Nana (Great-Grandma) and Kellisa (April 2011)
The windows were down as we drove through a light rain in Shenandoah National Park and Taylor Swift was playing on the iPod when Laurel asked me to be quiet and turn off the music. She was using her sad voice and before I could ask any questions, I looked back and saw her gazing up and out her window.

"One day, I'll be up there with you
It's not the same without you
It's not the same without your kisses
It's not the same without your smiles
I miss you
I miss you"

Laurel made up those lyrics as she sang to her great-grandma in heaven. I think being in a beautiful place in the clouds made Laurel think about heaven and how she still really misses her great-grandma. Some say time heals, but 18 months has passed and Laurel is still struggling with losing her great-grandma.

6.19.2016 Update- it's now been 30 months and Laurel still gets very sad at least once a week.

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