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The Big Move's been over 10 months since we've posted to our website. We're truly amazed at how many people still view our site, even without current posts. In fact, we had two of our three busiest months ever during our "hiatus". In looking over the statistics, we have gained a huge following in Israel, Russia, and Germany. Those three countries add up to almost as many views as the United States. In fact, we have followers from all 6 inhabited continents! We thank everyone for stopping by our site.

August 11, 2015 was the date of our last post and a lot has happened. Instead of our usual adventures, although we've had a few, we've been living one gigantic adventure for the past 9 months. Last September, I was offered a new position with my company, but it would require relocating to Sacramento, CA. With a little thought, we jumped at the opportunity.

Very long story's not easy moving 3,000 miles across the country with our kids, plus Lisa had to find a new job (which happened very fast) and we had a house to sell (lots of drama involved in the process) and we had to find a new house. We found a house that backs up to a conservation area with a salmon run and tons of wildlife. Our dream house has a beautiful paved path running directly behind as it winds through the ravine and we enjoy amazing views while observing wildlife. We were always traveling across the country with a ton of gear for our vacations and now the things we love and enjoy are literally out our back door.

We closed on the house on June 2nd and we are slowly finding a new normal after living in a hotel for so long (Lisa since January, Laurel since February, and Kellisa & Chris since March) and it was a one room with one bed hotel room. Fortunately, the room had a sofa for Laurel and a large closet that doubled as Kellisa's bedroom. The experience probably brought us a little closer (too close!) and we can definitely proclaim that we are not a family meant for "tiny house" living!

Even though our lives have been extra stressful and full of anxiety, we did manage to have a few outdoor adventures along the way and now that we are settling in a little, we plan to get the blog caught up and current as we plan many new adventures!

Thanks again!

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