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SAC 106 - DEN 98

Sacramento Kings 106 
Denver Nuggets 98

Golden 1 Center
Sacramento, CA

January 6, 2018

Lisa was able to get 4 tickets to the Kings - Nuggets game in Sacramento from the Center for Land Based Learning. Thank you!

Since none of us owned any Kings shirts, Lisa pulled off a small miracle by purchasing shirts for all of us and they were delivered on Saturday to our house a few hours before the game. 

This was Lisa and Laurel's second NBA game (they attended a Kings game in early 2016) and the first for Kellisa and Chris. We don't follow basketball and weren't sure what to expect. We found a parking spot in advance across the street from the Golden 1 Center that had ample disabled parking. We walked across the street and entered through the VIP doors since we didn't know any better. They let us in with everyone entering for the suites. We guess the wheelchair had something to do with it, but everyone was very nice as we were guided to elevators that would take us to our seats. 

After showing the tickets to a few attendants who led us to our section. We were fortunate to have 4 seats on an aisle with only a few stairs to negotiate. I was able to fairly easily carry Kellisa to her seat on the end. I was a little nervous since we were close to the short safety glass separating us from a fall to the section below. Although, Laurel would scare me far more throughout the evening with her jumping up while cheering and dancing.

Since Kellisa can't stand for the national anthem, I usually hold Kellisa while I stand. However, I've recently stopped this practice in an effort to save my back since I usually have to carry her some distance with stairs to and from our seats. It is hard to let her sit, but I have to think about the long term picture of caring for Kellisa. No matter where she is, her right hand immediately goes over her heart whenever she sees the American flag and/or hears the national anthem. She sits because she can't stand, but she always shows 100% respect for her country, flag, and anthem. So does Laurel and I'm equally proud of both of them.

A quick glance at the season record for the Kings (12-25) led us to believe that we would be in for a long evening, but the Kings jumped out to an early lead and never lost it. This led to a lot of excitement within the building and both girls loved every minute of the exciting game. I was impressed at how much Laurel understands and follows basketball since we've never watched a single game at home in her entire life. She followed the action and cheered and awed at appropriate times. She had a blast cheering and dancing her was through the evening. Kellisa was doing her part to cheer her hometown team to victory. I have a feeling more Kings games are in our future.

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