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Beautiful Memories

Kellisa having an "Austin Powers" moment at the Soo Locks.
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada

Kellisa out grew or stopped using these chairs years ago and they've been taking up space we don't have to spare. I should have donated the chairs years ago, but I've struggled to find a place that would take them. We even moved a couple of these chairs across the country when we relocated to California from Florida in early 2016.

I even tried to give them away online, just asking for shipping in return for a free chair without any success. The chairs are well used and need a little love, but I figured they could be a real blessing for several families not in a position to get new chairs.

It was time and I was determined to give them away, somewhere, and I didn't care what I needed to do or how far I needed to drive. I wanted them gone and in families who needed them. We would never use them again!

I found a place about 100 miles south of us and the lady seemed genuinely excited when I explained what I had to donate and why. Egypt decided to go along for the ride. As the miles passed and Egypt was lost playing games and listening to her music, I found myself feeling melancholy. I knew I was doing the right thing, but couldn't help going through the memories in my mind of Kellisa in her chairs.

These chairs represent comfort, freedom, and independence for Kellisa. Her everyday school chair with bus tie-downs represents 5 amazing years of school in Florida. 

The blue jog stroller covered many miles of trails. 

The tan jogger was the "vehicle" I used to push Kellisa down to the shore of Crater Lake back in 2009 while risking arrest. It is also the chair we overloaded at the Grand Canyon back in June 2010.

But, it was Kellisa's yellow travel chair that created the most sorrow while reflecting. This chair became part of Kellisa as she made great steps in becoming the young lady she is today. We purchased this chair to save her expensive, every day wheelchair while traveling. This chair traveled on hundreds of flights and was used for Jaguars games when we had season tickets. We even traveled to an away game in Detroit. This chair was an extension of adventurous Kellisa and never let her down. I can only hope this chair and the others create similar memories for new families.

We arrived at the Society for disABILITIES in Modesto and were greeted by the lady from the phone. She helped us bring the chairs inside where we met the man who would clean up the chairs and make sure they were safe and ready for their next occupants. This made me feel good knowing they'd be updated by an expert. Their sincere appreciation replaced my melancholy with gratitude. I was thankful to be helping others.

4 Chairs

Countless Adventures

Thousands of Miles

So Many Beautiful Memories...

Many airline tags remain from trips long ago.


Thank you!

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