Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Growth on the Trails

 Before we were going where wheels weren't meant to go, we were carrying Kellisa in our arms, over my shoulder, and in chest and back carriers. When Kellisa got too big to carry, we got her first chair. Since she uses her wheelchair everyday, it takes a beating and gets replaced every five years. In the early days, I pushed Kellisa on ADA trails and a few we had no business being on with a wheelchair. When Kellisa was maybe 5, we purchased the largest jog stroller we could find on a store shelf and we started pushing our abilities on real trails. As Kellisa was outgrowing her jog stroller, I spent many hours researching jog strollers for disabled children and young adults. We've purchased and outgrown many jog strollers and even broken a few on some pretty intense trails. As the market caught up to our activities, we purchased our first true off-road chair for real trails. Kellisa has even gone through several travel wheelchairs (easy to fold and only a few hundred dollars) over the years and each one has found its way out on a trail. 

Below is a visual history of some of her wheelchairs and all of her jog strollers (as of May 12, 2021):

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  1. The wheelchair that is in the sand, what brand is it? That looks like a nice, easy way to lift the front!

    1. Hi Fred, that's a Hippocampe. We love it and it has never let us down over the years and many hundreds of off-road miles.


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