Thursday, May 4, 2023

A Day in Mammoth Cave National Park


September 2012

Egypt and I were ready for another father-daughter trip. From my research, Mammoth Cave is not that accessible. The accessible elevator has been broken for years, preventing disabled visitors in wheelchairs the opportunity to go inside Mammoth Cave. (Editor: the elevator was fixed in 2016. Read Kellisa's trip report HERE).
I thought it was a good park to visit without Kellisa. Not because I'm avoiding it with Kellisa, but actually the opposite. I wanted to scope the park out a little with Egypt before planning a trip with Kellisa. The trip was an all around success. Egypt enjoyed the trip and I have many ideas on how Kellisa can enjoy Mammoth Cave National Park and the surrounding area.

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of our plane:

Mammoth Cave National Park:

Lunch at an overlook:

We signed up for the easiest cave tour (Frozen Niagara), which required a short bus ride. Waiting for the bus:

Excited to be on the bus:

Egypt struggled with the concept that we were "below" the ground while inside Mammoth Cave:

Waiting for the bus to return:

Back in the rental car to "auto tour" the park:

We found this cool tree while enjoying a scenic drive:

The Green River Ferry:

Egypt loved the short ferry ride:

Egypt pretending to be a bear on the Sloans Crossing Pond Walk:

Looking for creatures:

Sloans Crossing Pond:

Egypt was done shortly after returning to our hotel room:

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