Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Lizzo: The Special 2our - A Wheelchair Accessible Evening Out at the Golden 1 Center (Sacramento, CA)

 May 28, 2023

We’ve been to the
Golden 1 Center several times over the years to see the Kings play and watch Disney on Ice, but Lizzo was our first concert there. I was fortunate enough to get an email announcing Lizzo's tour stop in Sacramento and was able to purchase 4 tickets as soon as they went on sale. The concert was a week before Egypt's 8th grade promotion and her 14th birthday. It was also 6 days after Kellisa's birthday. Even though Egypt is the bigger fan, we tend to give Kellisa experiences for her birthday and knew she would enjoy her night out with family. 

I was able to get 4 seats together in one of the accessible areas of the Golden 1 Center. Some venues only allow you to purchase 1 companion seat with a wheelchair space. This is very unfortunate for families. In these cases, we find a guest services office and explain our situation and more times then not, they can accommodate us together, but there have been a few times where we've been separated.


I knew from past visits, we had great seats in an area with comfortable folding chairs and plenty of space,  while enjoying unobstructed views of the stage. I recommend purchasing a parking space in one of the local garages before arriving to save time and limit your preshow frustrations. We got a spot across the street from the arena on L St. This was ideal because the VIP entrance is on L St. and they allow wheelchair guests to use this uncrowded entrance without any ramps or stairs.  

After a quick pass through security, we rode the elevator up one level where it opened just one section away from where we would be seated for the show. It is also a convenient location near bathrooms, concessions, and souvenirs. Within minutes of parking, we were in our seats enjoying hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner. 

The show started with
Lizzo's DJ getting the crowd excited and pumped up the for about 30 minutes before Latto and her DJ took over the stage just after 8pm. Egypt really enjoyed Latto and her revealing show while Kellisa loved the loud music and lightshow. Latto owned the stage for  30 minutes before leaving the crowd ready for the real star of the evening, Lizzo.


I don't pretend to know a lot about Lizzo and I'm sure you can find many reviews online, so I will just share our experience of the night. The energy in the crowd was intense from the second the house lights went down and didn't dissipate until later in the evening when concert goers were heading home. Everyone in attendance who cold stand, was standing and dancing. Egypt has an amazing memory for lyrics and has hundreds, if not thousands of songs fully memorized. Every time I looked over at Egypt, she was screaming every word along with Lizzo.  

Kellisa again was enjoying the loud music, lights, and lasers. She was even pointing and swinging her arm as she danced in her wheelchair. I recognized a few songs that Egypt listens to on a regular basis. I didn't understand every word of the evening, but Lizzo seems to have an overwhelmingly positive attitude that connects with the crowd. I found myself enjoying the show far more than I expected before the show. I was impressed and as always, loved watching the girls, especially Egypt have a great time. 

As Egypt thanked us, she added, “seeing Lizzo was a dream come true” and “this was the best night of my life!”

More pictures from an amazing evening out with Lizzo:


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