Monday, May 20, 2024

Lakeshore Trail

 Grand Teton National Park


August 2023

We spent our only afternoon in Grand Teton National Park exploring the Lakeshore Trail. The trail is asphalt for portions, but it's not in the best condition. The harsh winters create cracks and vertical movement making the trail not exactly ADA. The other parts of the trail is compacted natural surfaces. We found the trail to be dry and even the natural surface areas were somewhat easy to navigate even though we just had Kellisa's regular travel wheelchair that's not at all equipped for serious trails.

There was a sign warning about bears near the trailhead with a strong recommendation to carry bear spray since black and grizzly bears frequent the area. We didn't have any bear spray on us, so we proceeded with caution. It was a calculated risk made easier knowing that Kellisa makes a fair amount of "noise" while enjoying a rough trail and I could see it was a popular trail and we were never far from other people. 

We were rewarded with enough bumps on the trail to keep Kellisa giggling and magnificent views of the Teton Mountain Range with clouds covering their upper flanks. I know Kellisa would have enjoyed an up close and personal view of a bear, but I was OK without a sighting. One day is not enough time to spend in the park, so I'm sure we will be back someday to explore more. 




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