Monday, July 29, 2013

California Riding and Hiking Trail

California Riding and Hiking Trail

Joshua Tree National Park

July 2013

One goal from our recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park was to scope out the California Riding and Hiking Trail. Some information states that the trail is 35 miles long and other list it at 37.3 miles. Either way, we've been researching the trail online and were thinking it would be possible to hike with Kellisa across the backcountry of Joshua Tree. We didn't want to plan a trip and arrive to find it impossible to push Kellisa, so we stopped at both trailheads and at every road crossing to access the possibility. We didn't see anything that would prevent an attempt to hike the entire trail with Kellisa, so it's been added to our "dream list" of hikes even though we could only check out a small percentage of the trail. Now we have to plan the complicated logistics of how many days, what month, water drops, etc.

Pictures from the trailheads and all the road crossings in both directions:

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