Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge

Rio Vista Unit

February 2017

Chris and Laurel Miles Hiked: 2.0

It's hard to believe, but this whole area was flooded with several feet of river water a week before our visit. We found the trail to be a little muddy, but not too bad for our little hike. 

We observed a few birds, although the lighting never really lined up for good photography. The highlight of this trail would be the coyote that darted out of the leafless forest on our right less than 25 feet in front of us. It disappeared into the dense underbrush to our left without making a sound and before we had any chance of taking its picture. We stood still and silent for a few minutes scanning the area, but the coyote was traveling alone. Like most trails in our area, the trailhead had a sign warning about mountain lion sightings and how to stay safe. I used the opportunity to discuss the dangers and precautions with Laurel before we started our hike while gently reminding her along the path as well. I always have mixed feelings, I'd love to spot a mountain lion in the wild, but I'm always relieved when we don't. One question that never gets an answer, did a mountain lion observe us on the trail?

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