Sunday, February 25, 2018

Winter Ball

Oakmont High School
Roseville, CA

February 4, 2018

Kellisa attended the Winter Ball at her school on a beautiful Saturday evening. Kellisa is always excited to attend dances and this night was no different. She is treated like a queen once we arrive at the school. Kellisa is escorted not to the front of the line, but through a side door so she can skip the ticket line all together and get right out on the dance floor. Kellisa is known as "KK" at school and I'm always amazed by all the adults and students that get excited when they she her and call out, "It's KK!"

As soon as we entered the gym, KK took off wheeling as fast as she could toward the dance floor as she made her way through the sea of jumping kids to setup as close to the speakers as possible. It doesn't take long for me to lose sight of KK.

Every time I could see her, she was dancing with able bodied students. She was usually surrounded by 6-10 kids. At one time, I counted at least 7 boys dancing with her. KK had a huge smile plastered to her face the entire night. I love that she is so included with all the other kids. It made me so proud to watch KK out on her own and accepted. Many kids even bent over to talk to her at her level. 

Besides watching KK have so much fun from the bleachers, my evening was made by several girls who asked if I was KK's father and after I answered "Yes", they introduced themselves while shaking my hand and told me how much they love KK and were so happy I brought her to the ball because dancing with KK was the highlight of their evenings. They also made me promise to bring KK to the next dance.

The night would end back at our SUV parked in a disabled spot and another vehicle illegally parked on the striped lines making it very difficult and dangerous to get Kellisa into her seat. Unfortunately, no one was in Jeep to confront, so I did my best and KK laughed every time her door or wheelchair accidently crashed into the late model Jeep. 

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