Saturday, February 10, 2024

Canyon Visitor Education Center

 Yellowstone National Park

June 2023

Kellisa and I enjoyed a nice picnic lunch after our boat excursion on Lake Yellowstone. We didn't have exact plans for the remainder of our day, so we just started to drive back towards our cabin. While looking for wildlife, we were enjoying the wide open views when Kellisa decided to have a seizure as she does too often when having fun. I pulled over and started timing. Thankfully, she pulled out before I had to administer the rescue medication, but half her body was paralyzed.

I gave her a few minutes to catch her breath before I started driving again. As we approached the Canyon Visitor Education Center, I asked if she wanted to check it out and she quickly signed yes with her not paralyzed left hand.

Kellisa always enjoys visitor centers, especially the movie that gives a history and guide to the park and any animal displays. As you can see below, she really liked the realistic picture of a bear and wanted to pet it before wheeling of to check out a bison.

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