Friday, February 9, 2024

Lake Yellowstone

 Yellowstone National Park

Lake Queen II

June 2023

I made our reservations online for our boat excursion around Lake Yellowstone without calling in advance to check on accessibility. I made sure we arrived early so we could evaluate the situation and adapt accordingly. Thankfully, everything we needed was already in place and the great staff knew exactly how to help us. 

Kellisa boarded first with the help of a small manual ramp between the dock and boat and we were guided right up front to sit next to the captain. They waited until we were fully situated before the other passengers were allowed to board. During the tour, Captain Mike made sure Kellisa could see all the highlights and she really enjoyed watching all the driving maneuvers up close. 

Kellisa was treated like a queen on the Lake Queen II and my blood pressure would really love it if all scenic excursions could be this accessible with outstanding staff helping in such a caring fashion. Highly, highly recommended! 

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