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Riding Run Trail

Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Riding Run Trail
November 25, 2011

Distance: 4 miles
Elevation Change: 260 feet

We had the opportunity to take a pushike (me pushing Kellisa while hiking) in Cuyahoga Valley National Park the day after Thanksgiving. According to a Trail Guidebook, the Riding Run Trail has "several steep climbs and about two miles of wide, graveled path". Based on that description, I thought it would be a perfect path to push Kellisa along in her Independence Special Needs Jog Stroller. In my excitement, I did not realize that ONLY 2 of the 4 miles were along a graveled path. The guidebook did not mention the condition of the other 2 miles. It was a good thing, because we might not have ventured out on the Riding Run Trail and a great experience would have been missed.

The trail starts out wide and graveled:

and narrows as soon as we start to gain some of the 260 feet:

It's hard to tell, but half the trail is mud between 6 and 10 inches deep:

Leveling out for a scenic ridgeline walk:

The decent:

A small stream crossing near the end of the trail:

The home stretch:

The entire hiking party:

Back Row: Jim-Diane-Bob-Chris
Front Row Cousins: Jackie-Kellisa-Jen

Trail Map:

1,000 thank yous to the hike photgrapher: Jen!

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