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Woodall Mountain

Kellisa's 12th State Highpoint

Woodall Mountain, MS

August 2009

We just returned home from our vacation to Crater Lake National Park and we wanted to summit Mississippi and Alabama before the new school year started. Still tired and a little jet-lagged, we over slept and missed our flight to Birmingham, AL. No worries as we were booked on Southwest. It ended up working better to reschedule our outbound flight to Nashville, TN while keeping our return flight from Birmingham. Unlike all other airlines, this last minute change did not cost us a penny in fees.

Kellisa enjoying the drive:

Most people probably don't think of mountains in Mississippi:

The rise from the surrounding area is more impressive than most of the "low" highpoints:

A dirt road leads directly to the summit:

Summit pictures:

The only real view from the summit:

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