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Flat Tire in the Frozen Desert

Sunset Crater Volcano 
Wupatki National Monuments

March 2006

After Sedona, but before our visit to the Grand Canyon, we made the side trip to see Sunset Crater Volcano and Wupatki National Monuments. Both are just out side Flagstaff and on the way to the Grand Canyon. Despite the winter cold and snow, we still managed to do a hike in both national monuments. This was before we kept track, so we don't remember the trail names or the distances hiked.

All I really remember is Kellisa's jog stroller getting a flat tire at Wupatki. I had to push her back to the car while lifting the back of the stroller with the wheels off the ground. I was also panicking because I didn't have a plan for a flat tire. I didn't want to go back to Flagstaff to try and figure it out, but I also wanted the stroller available for trails in Grand Canyon National Park, our next stop.

We decided to keep driving towards the Grand Canyon with the hope that we would find a gas station with fix-a-flat. This was a gamble because this was before we traveled with a wheelchair and trail chair. Our trip to the Grand Canyon depended on finding a solution to our flat tire.

It took awhile, but we stopped at the one gas station in between the parks. Thankfully, they sold fix-a-flat and I proceeded to repair the tire at the first pull over inside Grand Canyon National Park. The can of fix-a-flat was large enough for a truck tire, so one little push of spray was enough to overfill Kellisa's tiny tire and the goo exploded all over. My hands were already frozen and this almost froze them solid. I tried washing them in a nearby bathroom, but that proved to be impossible. I was a mess, but Kellisa's jog stroller was back and ready for action and the Grand Canyon was calling...  

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument 

Wupatki National Monument

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