Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Red Rocks and Hungry Giraffes

Sedona, Arizona
March 2006

Shutterfly memories popped up in my emails to remind me that we were in Sedona, AZ exactly 12 years ago. Scrolling through the photos brought back many memories. The first thing that jumped out is Kellisa's very short hair. That's because she ended 2005 with three brain surgeries for her shunt. Next, I noticed that I could still carry Kellisa out on a trail even though she had the biggest and best baby jog stroller on the market. Lastly, while mentioned in our 2006 summary, I realized that this trip was never completely shared on the blog in words and pictures.

This was our first vacation since Kellisa was born where the purpose wasn't to visit family. In fact, the main goal of this trip was to witness and immerse ourselves in the great outdoors! Lisa and I also celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary in a cowboy themed restaurant in Sedona and the girls (Lisa and Kellisa) fed giraffes during our side trip to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park.

It would be another couple of years before we realized how much Kellisa loves trains. If we would have known it on this trip, I'm 100% confident that we would have rode the Verde Canyon Railroad and there's a good chance we would have crossed paths with a friend of ours from Chicago who works at the railroad who we would reconnect with on Facebook a few years after this trip. We definitely need to get back to the Sedona area.

It's fun to look back after many years, but there's no way I could have predicted back in early 2006 how important "the trail" would become in our lives and how Kellisa would thrive when out in the wilderness.

Pictures from Sedona, Out of Africa Wildlife Park, and Montezuma Castle National Monument:

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