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Day 2: COVID-19

Today was another cold, windy, and rainy day which prevented us from going outside in nature, but thankfully the beauty came to us. While I'm very happy with how the above picture turned out, it doesn't do the double rainbow we witnessed from our backyard this afternoon proper justice.

Like probably most churches, ours was closed today. Laurel was worried her musical rehearsal would also be canceled because all gatherings and meetings on church property have been canceled through the end of March. Fortunately, the musical director graciously offered to open her house to host the rehearsal for everyone who wasn't showing any signs of sickness. Laurel was excited to go for 2 hours and she asked Lisa to stay with her to help. The rehearsal went long by 45 minutes and Laurel enjoyed every second. Laurel spent most of her remaining hours singing and practicing her parts on the couch in our living room.

Thanks to my friend, Joshua Nordstrom (owner of Tierra Tile in Homer, Alaska), we have a freezer full of wild caught Alaskan Salmon. Lisa took a frozen filet out yesterday to cook for tonight's dinner. We said a little extra prayer before dinner for what every one in the world is facing right now. We made sure all electronics were turned off so we could enjoy a quiet and peaceful meal.

Salmon, rice, and artichoke hearts

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Chris and Joshua in Homer, Alaska

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