Saturday, March 28, 2020

Days 5 - 15: COVID-19

March 18, 2020

Lisa and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary. Not that we would have flown to Italy for a romantic weekend, but we were quarantined inside our home on day 5 of our corona-virus lock down. We were all settling in to our new (and hopefully very temporary) normal. We were in the early stages of figuring out how to work from home while watching the kids and making sure Laurel doesn't fall behind at school. Kellisa is Kellisa, she continues to hangout in her room with Hannah and The Wiggles while reading scary books. Lisa made us a nice family dinner.

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The frogs of Miners Ravine have been serenading me on my late night walks with Evie with the lack of vehicle noise to drown them out. We've had some interesting skies above with all the rain and cold made more eerie by the relative calm.

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I was hoping to post every day, but the days are already starting to blend together. My plans to take drives, walks, and maybe even hikes have been squashed due to the weather and interpretation of "essential travel". Laurel has been doing a great job taking care of her hair on her own. 

We still had our Christmas turkey taking up prime real estate in our freezer, so Lisa decided to make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner which was out of this world. We have a lot to be thankful with our health, food and paper supplies, and jobs that allow us to work from home. After a few days of eating roasted turkey, Lisa turned some of the meat we had left into Turkey Ala King (no picture). We thought we'd get two meals out of it, but it only lasted one night because it was so good. 

We used the carcass to make a gallon of turkey broth which Lisa made into a killer soup for a couple of days.

Homeschooling Trade Shop - Laurel helping me in the yard with a grout experiment for my work:

Homeschooling AG - Lisa has been working with Laurel on growing our own food. So far, they've planted tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, strawberries, and kale. We're hoping to have some fresh fruit and veggies by the middle of April. Laurel is keeping a detailed journal of her agricultural activities and observations. 

Kellisa is always smiling:

We've had some amazing rainbows with all the rain:

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