Friday, April 3, 2020

Day 21: COVID-19

Hard to believe we're at three weeks for our lock down. WOW. I know this is unprecedented for just about everyone, but Kellisa is the one in my worries and thoughts today. She is the one most at risk in our family and we are doing everything we can to protect ourselves and her health. Kellisa has no idea what's going on in her world. She loves school with her teachers, aides, and so many friends. Kellisa also loves her bus driver and riding the school bus every day is a highlight. Then all of a sudden, she finds herself never leaving the house. In fact, she rarely leaves her bedroom. 

A quick reminder, Kellisa was in the NICU for the first 113 days of her life and then only really left home for school, therapy, and doctor appointments for the first years of her life. She was medically fragile and scared of literally every little sound. We stayed at home and couldn't even leave to go to a restaurant. So, Lisa and I have years of being trapped at home. I doubt Kellisa remembers these years.

This might be hard to believe for those who only know the adventurous and traveling Kellisa, but that girl didn't sprout until she was 5 or 6 and then really started thriving around 8-years-old. Outside of surgeries and a few hospital stays in the last 10-12 years, Kellisa has never been "stuck" at home for more than a couple of days. Like the rest of us, she's accustomed to being out and doing stuff. Unlike everyone else, she can't comprehend why she's stuck at home with her family. I'd give anything to get inside her head for a few minutes, but I also know that I probably couldn't handle what I would learn. 

My mind went in this direction when Kellisa started getting excited in her bedroom and calling out for attention. I entered her room and found her pointing and giggling at a flock of turkeys strutting their stuff just beyond her bedroom sliding glass door. With our small yard, the turkeys were less than 10 feet away. I watched Kellisa interacting with them and it was like they were putting on a private show for Kellisa. This went on for awhile and Kellisa loved every second. 

I was extra appreciative to witness Kellisa enjoying her encounters with nature from the safety of her bedroom. Hopefully, this will be over soon and Kellisa can get back to her life.

Laurel has been doing schoolwork every day and has had a couple of exciting face time sessions with her teacher, but today she had a joint session called "Fun Friday" with her classmates. She was so excited to see and be able to talk with her friends for the first time since this whole pandemic started. Laurel has been doing amazingly well, but this was a definite highlight and a much appreciated diversion during her seclusion. 

Not surprising, shortly after Laurel's class time, we learned the in-person school year was canceled for both girls. Laurel was disappointed because she misses her friends. 

After dinner, I spent a few minutes in the backyard. I noticed the relative quiet at 8pm and looked out to observe the clear nighttime skies free from clouds and airplanes. When I made my way to look straight up, I noticed the 78.7% moon staring down at me. It was bright and clear, but at an angle I wasn't familiar with from previous encounters. I quickly grabbed my camera to capture the moon in all her beauty.

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