Saturday, April 11, 2020

Days 23 - 29: COVID-19

This week was Spring Break for the girls and we stayed home. In fact, Kellisa never left the house and Laurel never ventured outside except for a few brief moments in the backyard. We never made any firm plans for the week, but there's a better than average chance we would have gone somewhere if we weren't on a lock down. The Redwoods and Grand Canyon were two places at the top of my ideas list. Hopefully soon!

The days continue to march along without a lot of distinction. We are fortunate to be healthy, working from home, and well supplied with food. Like many people, grocery shopping is a challenge with shelves half empty, but we're doing a pretty good job of making creative meals with what we find. Lisa is doing a great job of making sure we have vegetables everyday and some kind of fruit most days. This update will focus on the food...the highlight of Spring Break Week 2020.

Kellisa let me braid her hair one night and I'm proud of the outcome

Full moon over Roseville, CA

Little lizard living under our backyard deck
Evie enjoying some sun in the backyard

Laurel's mushrooms were ready for harvest

Mushrooms, eggs, sausage, and potatoes

Brunswick Stew, Cornbread, and Sweet Tea

Norm of the North (Family Movie Night)

Day 22

Day 30

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