Sunday, April 12, 2020

Day 30: COVID-19

Hopefully, every one reading this had a safe and Happy Easter!

We colored Easter Eggs on Saturday afternoon. Everyone was flexible and hopeful since all we had was brown eggs. We were all pleasantly surprised at how cool the coloring turned out, especially once they were dry. 

Everyone went to bed a little worried about the Easter Bunny. No one knew if he would be considered "Essential" and allowed to enter the houses of children everywhere to hide eggs and leave baskets. Laurel and Kellisa waited until 8am to wake us up and everyone was excited to see the Easter Bunny in fact visited us in the middle of the night.

Last Easter, we spent the entire day traveling home after visiting grandma in Chicago because she was sick. No one can remember where or what we ate, but I'm sure it was quick airport cuisine. No one complains, but we've spent other Easters and holidays traveling and in hotels. Even though this was day 30 for us quarantined at home, it was very nice to have a peaceful, traditional holiday at home.  At bedtime, Laurel declared, "Best Easter ever."

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