Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Only A Mountain

Dick and Rick Hoyt, Men of Iron
By Sam Nall

I've been thinking about recommending books on this website for awhile. Since the disabled world owes so much to the Hoyt family and yesterday was Dick and Rick's last Boston Marathon together, I thought this was the obvious choice as the first book to recommend. 

Team Hoytas the father and son are known really opened up competitive running to the disabled community. They made their name by officially completing the Boston Marathon after several "unofficial" completions in the world famous event. Not content with finishing the world famous marathon, the Hoyt's set their sight on completing an Ironman Triathlon. The Hoyt's would eventually complete Ironman Hawaii.

Most road races today have wheelchair participants. Some even complete the races using their own power while others are pushed along the course. "Dad, when I'm running it feels like I'm not even handicapped." Rick's own words motivate his father to accomplish truly amazing feats.

Many know the father and son story, but few probably realize how much Dick's wife, Judy accomplished for the disabled community, with special emphasis on "inclusion" for the disabled in everyday life, including in school.

This remarkable family started blazing the trail in the 60's and 70's when so many children like Rick and Kellisa were sent to an institution to live out their days and were forgotten about by their families. While a lot of work still remains to be completed for the disabled, there is a lot less to do thanks to the Hoyt family.

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