State highpointing is the activity of reaching the highest natural point in a given state. The ascents range from easy drive-ups like Delaware (where you literally drive to within a few feet of the highpoint) to Denali in Alaska which requires high altitude mountaineering equipment and experience. Less than 400 people have completed all 50 United States highpoints, with approximately 10 new climbers joining the exclusive club each year.

Kellisa has completed 22 state highpoints and I'm confident that I can safely get her to the top of an additional 7 and if everything lines up perfectly, there are 4 highpoints in the west that may be reachable with the right planning and mobility chair. I believe 33 is the  upper limit of state summits for someone in a wheelchair with major assistance. 

I suppose you could hire a helicopter or a large team of climbers to carry someone in a wheelchair to the summit, but that does not interest us due to the danger and the idea of being dependent on many others.

We will be happy if Kellisa can reach 29 and overjoyed if we can get her to the top of 33 states. Stay tuned!

Click on the state below for trip reports and more pictures:

Timms Hill, Wisconsin

Alabama - Cheaha Mountain (August 2009)                                                                                                                                      (December 2012) *
Delaware - Ebright Azimuth (December 2009)
Florida- Britton Hill (November 2004)                                                                                                                                       (March 2013) *
                               (June 2019)
Georgia - Brasstown Bald (May 2004)
Indiana - Hoosier Hill (May 2006)
Kentucky - Black Mountain (June 2006) 
Maryland - Backbone Mountain (July 2010)
Massachusetts - Mount Greylock (June 2009)
Michigan - Mount Arvon (September 2011)
Mississippi - Woodall Mountain (August 2009)
Missouri - Taum Sauk Mountain (July 2013)  **
New Hampshire - Mount Washington (June 2009)
New Jersey - High Point (December 2009)
North Carolina - Mount Mitchell (June 2006)
North Dakota - White Butte (October 2006) ***
Ohio - Campbell Hill (May 2006)
Oklahoma - Black Mesa (April 2008)
Pennsylvania - Mount Davis (July 2010)
Rhode Island - Jerimoth Hill (June 2009)
                                            (May 2014)  **
                                            (October 2019)
South Carolina - Sassafras Mountain (June 2011)
Tennessee - Clingmans Dome (August 2007)
West Virginia - Spruce Knob (July 2010)
Wisconsin - Timms Hill (September 2011)
* Washignton DC - Fort Reno (July 2010)

Miss Highpointer - February 2013
Apex to Zenith #96 (Spring 2012)
Highpointers Club

* Just Egypt

** Egypt & Kellisa

*** Just Chris


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