Friday, September 12, 2014

Shrine Auto Park

Avenue of the Giants
July 2014

Along the beautiful Avenue of the Giants, we stopped at the touristy Shrine Auto Park that features a drive thru tree. Instead of driving thru like most, we parked and walked (wheeled) thru the tree. Laurel had a great time exploring the hollowed out trees that resembled caves. The park wasn't the most wheelchair friendly, but Kellisa was still able to enjoy herself. All things considered, I'm not sure how you could make a place like this more accessible without ruining the very features that make it interesting. I think the owners did the best that they could, so I would recommend a stop, but caution that wheelchairs can't do/see everything there is and the wheelchair user will probably require some help, especially for the steep road sections (if you decide to get out and explore like we did).

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