Saturday, March 7, 2015

West Lake Boardwalk Trail

 Everglades National Park 

March 2015

I knew from previous visits to Everglades National Park that our best chance to see the threatened American Crocodile was at West Lake.  Kellisa stayed in the air conditioned car listening to music while Laurel and I investigated the water around the boat ramp. We were immediately rewarded when we saw this little guy in the water. It's estimated that only 500-1,200 crocodiles remain wild in south Florida and we had one swimming in front of us:

I told Laurel that the momma crocodile was probably close and she started looking for her. It didn't take long to find the mother:

After a couple of minutes, the mother swam off into the lake:

This is a cool picture because there's a crocodile on the left and an American alligator on the right:

I thought I could take a picture of Laurel centered between the crocodile and alligator, but you can only see the alligator:

We hiked the West Lake Trail:

Kellisa did a great job of wheeling herself on the boardwalk trail:


We found this bird watching over our car after our little hike. Laurel "talked" to the bird for close to an hour:

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