Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Crescent Rock Trail

Shenandoah National Park, VAh
July 2015

Miles Pushiked: .42

When our path was blocked by a barricade on the Limberlost Trail, we saw a smaller trail off to the side. We wanted to pushike a little longer and decided to try the side trail. This path wasn't accessible, but it looked possible. We only went .21 of a mile down this trail, but we found it quite enjoyable. I was still worried about the next rain storm. The ground was a little muddy and we encountered a few rocks and roots, but the surrounding forest seemed a little more full and lush. We met an older couple hiking this trail and we talked for a few minutes. I found it odd that they reeked of smoke and was very surprised to see a burning cigarette laying in the middle of trail shortly after our encounter. Laurel looking at the half smoked cigarette, "That's disgusting". Even though everything was wet, we still stomped the cigarette out. 

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