Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ramblr App Test Walks

Miners Ravine 
Roseville, CA

September 2017

Test Walk 1: We've been using Garmin products for years to track our walks and hikes. I read a few reviews about Ramblr and decided to download it to my phone. It's a lot more user friendly and I like the way it marks the location of where pictures are taken. Kellisa and I went for a short walk on our home path, the Miners Ravine Trail in Roseville, CA to try Ramblr. My first impressions are positive, I just need to learn all the features and benefits and how to easily share the map of the route walked/hiked. We look forward to trying Ramblr on a wilderness trail. 

Distance 1 mi
  • Duration (Total) 0h 23m 6s
  • Duration (Active) 0h 23m 5s
  • Duration (Paused) 1s
  • Avg Speed 2.5 mi/h
  • Highest Point 264 ft
  • Total Ascent 103 ft
  • Difficulty Family

  • Test Walk 2- Same day, same trail:

    Distance 0.6 mi

  • Duration (Total) 0h 15m
  • Duration (Active) 0h 15m
  • Duration (Paused) 0
  • Avg Speed 2.3 mi/h
  • Highest Point 249 ft
  • Total Ascent 69 ft
  • Difficulty Family

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